Business Development Partner Program

Web Guru has grown in strength and size primarily due to referrals and repeat business from its satisfied customers. It’s a wonderful feeling to be tapped on your back by your client and hear “Good job!” The Web Guru Business Development Partner Program has been developed to extend our reach into newer territories and customers and at the same time to give you an opportunity to benefit from this association.

This referral program gives you up to 15% of all billing*

Web Guru is an Integrated Web Solutions organization that helps advance web businesses by combining its expertise in Financial application, Automated Trading applications, Mobile applications . We use process driven methods, and a mix of industry accepted and proprietary technology, and have positioned ourselves to be the ideal partner for startups, small and mid-sized businesses and IT companies.


Web Guru will pay you commission on all business generated through qualified leads* as per the schedule below. You will also have access to the client dashboard to ensure complete transparency on work being delivered as well as billing / collections status.

Monthly Total Billing Your Earnings
Less than Rs.5,000 10%
Rs.5,001-Rs.10,000 12%
 Rs.10,001-Rs.25,000 13%
       $25,001 15%


* You will need to Send details to Us through Contact Us by sending details* Each party will be responsible for all costs associated with its sales and marketing

* * There might be occasions when a lead referred by you is an existing lead/client of Web Guru, in which case it will not be treated as a qualified lead and we shall let you know within 5 business days.

* * * If Web Guru is successful in contracting the services once client has settled Full Payment, you shall be eligible for the commissions.

* * * * If you are an employee of an organization which is a client of Web Guru and would like to receive the commission in a name other than your organization’s name, please obtain necessary approvals and clearances before making a referral.

* * * * * Qualified Leads – any lead registered by you through the Web Guru Contact Us by sending details which will be treated as qualified Lead.

* * * * * * Commissions are calculated based on monthly billing to all clients referred by you but is payable on the basis of the amounts collected in a given month from all such clients (excludes 3rd party costs billed to the client – like hosting charges, cost of hardware, 3rd party software, PPC expenses, others). Commissions maybe adjusted quarterly for reasons like non-payment of dues by the clients.

* * * * * * * All email ids and emails sent and received from the Web Guru email id/your web page on the Web Guru website are property of Web Guru A Subsidised Cybell Technosys Pvt. Ltd.. Company You will be responsible for the content of the email and shall be subject to the terms of use.